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We sell made to measure roller blinds for windows in our UK shop where a quick online quote can simplify your search as you will have easy access to best prices on custom window coverings. Adding optional features such as top cassette, scallops, braids and chain or spring mechanisms for controls can further personalize your bespoke window coverings to be used as home or office roller blinds.

Roller window blinds have a general structure composed of a fabric section which can be personalized in terms of width and drop to accommodate glass doors and even wide windows, a rust free aluminium roller tube onto which the main cloth section of the blind is rolled onto and where the control system is located.

For roller blinds, fabrics are closely woven, colourfast and treated to effectively lower the rate of transfer of heat in the area of the window thus increasing their functionality further as they are solar screens which filter UV rays, privacy enhancing products as view is obstructed when the blinds are lowered, energy efficiency enhancers and glare reduction factors. Suitability in areas where light filtering, glare reduction and UV filtering is necessary is given by the high density polyester fabrics used to make the main section of the blinds which are also treated to ensure stain resistance.

The fabric is fixed to the roller barrel though a fabric insert and rolled upon the tube through one of the manual operating mechanisms available for this product. The aluminium roller tube is designed to render high resistance to deflection even in the case of extra wide roller blinds for windows and doors.

The roller tube can vary in diameter depending on the total width and drop of the roller window blind ordered, since it needs to sustain the weight of the window covering even in the case of extra width. The operation mechanism is located on the high grade aluminium barrel and it can consist of a sidewinder activated by a chain or a spring loaded system. The choice between chain roller blinds and pull blinds, which have a spring mechanism, is dependent on space accessibility as well as personal preference.

According to the control system type you select further design options can be customized. In the case of chain operated rollers you can choose between plastic and metal beaded chain in various finishes, shaped bottom ends with braids and top cassette in white or in matching or contrasting fabric.

For pull roller blinds the spring loaded mechanism will lead to choosing a pulley in wood, metal or fiber design which is attached to the bottom end of the cloth section. Raising or lowering the blinds is done through a tugging motion on the cord pulley for pull down roller blind.

Additional features which can be selected for window roller blinds have functional as well as decorative purposes. Thus the option to add a top cassette will add stability to the blinds and will give you the possibility of mixing and matching fabrics to cover the frontal fascia and complete it with a bottom bar which can be provided in white or fabric covered.

The rollers we sell online can be ordered in bespoke sizes and can be mounted to the wall or to the ceiling, as expressed upon ordering and the necessary installation hardware will be sent accordingly. Depending on the type of control and headrail type fixing metal fixing brackets can have different sizes. When ordering you should take into account the height of the rolled up blind, the added width which consists of the cloth size with plus fixings ( ie brackets and end covers or top cassette).

In our online offer, made to measure roller blinds UK mainland delivery can be finalized in a standard lead time or the next day for a moderate fee. Since roller blinds can be custom made to your specifications regarding: size, type of controls and general appearance they can be defined so as to be suitable blinds for office and bay window configurations.

Braids in different textures and colours can also be added as optional features on fabric roller blinds. You can choose from various trims and furnishings to enhance the appearance of your window coverings opting for roller blinds with scallops, white or fabric covered bottom bars or cafe rods in wood and metallic finish. Some scallops are fitted with cafe rods while classic scallop shapes can only be fitted with braids.

If the blind is ordered with a straight finish, braids in different widths can be selected whilst for shaped ends only narrow braids can be applied. In the case of a bottom bar configuration you will be prompted to choose from: white finish or fabric covered in same or contrasting colour.