Luxury Prints Roller Collection
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Since roller blinds are mainly chosen due to their special structure which makes the fabric section a focal area of the blind and allows homeowners to have fun with window coverings, the line of pattern roller blinds we bring forth has been made up by selecting made to measure fabric roller blinds which reveal appealing patterns in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of colour combinations and styles so as to appeal in terms of design as well as versatility.

Equipped with either spring or chain operation, the patterned roller window blinds offered on our website can be easily enhanced in appearance with the addition of decorative finishes: scallops, cafe rods, braids and pulleys to complete the overall look.

The patterned roller blinds we sell online at affordable prices are made using fabrics which have been treated and printed using special techniques which will ensure the resistance of the decorative prints in time. Both standard as well as special translucency level fabrics are used for the pattern fabric blinds in this section so as to offer as many options as possible to interested UK customers.