The grey vertical blinds give you the chance to choose from different shades of grey in order to achieve the look you have always wanted to give your room. The color of the louvers allows you to combine them in all types of spaces, starting with your office windows, creating a neutral, sharp look for your office space, or one of the rooms of your personal home, completing a modern furnished room.

The present offer gives you the chance to choose from a variety of plain or patterned louvers in different shades of grey. Measuring 89mm in width, the vertical slats can be made of standard or blackout fabric and can have other features as well including stain resistance. Covering extra wide windows is easier with the made to measure grey vertical blinds we sell since they are manufactured in the required sizes.

You have the chance to choose the way in which the fabric louvers stack, one-way, centered or any other, depending on the requirements of the space where you intend to place the window covers. The design of the vertical blinds makes them suitable for any types of spaces, be they narrow or not, thanks to their design.